Rain Floods The Coast

Coast residents woke up Saturday morning to inches of rainwater. Because some of our communities lack proper drainage systems, many of you saw flooded areas.

If you were driving around early Saturday morning, you probably were affected by excess water, either in your own yard or on the road. Some residents of Biloxi said the reoccurring flooding in their community is a problem they would rapidly like to see float away.

Saturday, Angela Velasquez of Jackson scooped water out of the back seat of her car. She slept soundly Friday night at a friend's apartment, and had no idea rain water could accumulate so quickly. She was considering moving to Biloxi.

"It makes me wonder if I should move here permanently. Biloxi has a potential person here," Velasquez said.

Cars from the Lexington Apartments park on the front street because water is high in the back parking lot. Rainy days are always a problem for the entire area. Without a piped drainage system the ditches quickly fill up; for car owners, it's nothing but headache.

"So many things go through your head. You don't know if your insurance is going to cover it. You don't know if your car is going to be OK," Velasquez said.

Besides the hassle and aggravation of waking up and finding your car full of water, it can also be very expensive. Many other residents besides Angela are telling us that fixing the problem should be a top priority.

"That's a pretty common sight, this happened last Friday as well," Lexington resident Jimmy Lesher said.

It's the ditches that get quickly overloaded during a hard rain. Biloxi councilman Tom Wall said engineers are in the works, designing plans to fix the problem.

"It's going to be a 2 million dollar job, we're not waiting on money, we'll get the money, we're waiting on the engineers to finish the drawings," Wall said.

Walls said drawings and a bid package from the director of public works are expected by the end of August. Getting the problem fixed could take 18 months.

If you're experiencing a flooding problem in your area, it's best to call your city's public works department, local alderman or city councilman, or mayor.