PRCC Is On The Grow

When Pearl River Community College students return to the Poplarville campus this fall they'll notice some major changes. The Student Center is being renovated and expanded. The 2.2 million dollar changes are designed to create a comfortable central gathering place for students in the heart of the campus. Construction crews were busy Friday morning transforming this student center into a more user friendly facility.

A 25-hundred square foot expansion for the cafeteria and another 12-hundred more square feet for the book store. William Lewis, Pearl River Community College President told WLOX NEWS, "We feel like that a conversion needed to be made in our Student Center to make it become more like a Student Union Complex. The project includes lounge areas with televisions, vending machines, and conference areas. " The grill area is being converted into more of a food court type area so we have one central focus area on campus for our students to congregate in . One of our major concerns has been our commuting students we have a large number of our students who commute to our campus each and everyday. And quite often they have down time in between there classes so we wanted a place that would be attractive."Said Lewis.

The students are excited about the improvements. Jennifer Holcomb, a Sophomore Student told WLOX, "Along with the education process I think it will give students a better chance to interact with each other before now Pearl River Community College didn't have anything inviting for students to interact." Danae Wise, also a Sophomore Student echoed Holcomb's words , " Where in the library you have to be quiet and can't talk you can go here and talk and do your studying and hang out with your friends."

School leaders say as enrollment grows, keeping up with the students needs is essential . The new cafeteria will be ready when students arrive for the fall term the other projects will be finished by February of 2004.