Family Needs Help To Recover

It's every family's worst nightmare, awakening to your home on fire. This week a North Hancock County family lived that nightmare, fighting to survive a raging fire. Now the family is fighting for survival of another kind. "It's a nightmare. There's nothing left." Said Tammy and Don Gomillion. The couple is still numb. The fire that destroyed their home on Standard-Cemetery Road home has left them in shock.. but thankful to be alive.

Tammy told WLOX NEWS, "My 3 year old he had got up and he came back in there and woke us up and he was hollering Moma, Moma the house is on fire." The couple believes the fire started in the kitchen and dinning. The flames spread quickly throughout the house trapping everyone in their bedrooms. "I went into shock I panicked ." Don Gomillion said " I ran out of the bedroom which is here into there to try to put it out there was nothing I could do we couldn't get out there door because of the flames and smoke.

She panicked she didn't know what to do she was standing behind me screaming what do we do how are we going to get out. I didn't even think I just started kicking the window out." Don pushed his twin sons, daughter and wife out this window to safety. But a friend, who had been living with them, was still trapped inside. "I was still half asleep screaming get me out of here get me out of here." Said Rufus Rhiner . Don said he then, "punched a hole through the window and grabbed him and just jerked him through the window." "My finger got caught on some of the glass and I received 14 stitches and lacerations all over my hand." Said Rhiner. Everyone was safe, but everything was gone. Don told WLOX NEWS "All these years of working and getting things and providing for your family and it's all down the drain. I just thank God I was there to get my family out . I feel if I wasn't there at that time they would have all died."

Don and Tammy know starting over won't be easy. They've already received one miracle and now they pray for another. The Gomillion's family had no insurance and are in need of clothing for their seven year old daughter and twin boys who are three.

If you can help, call 255-8181, that's Tammy Gomillion's mother. Or there is a benefit account in their name at any Hancock Bank Branch. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.