Boy Scouts Enjoy Summer Camp Adventure

They're building campfires and character.

Hundreds of Boy Scouts are spending a week at Camp Tiak in South Mississippi.

Walking the bamboo bridge is a test of balance.

"Make sure you hold onto both of those ropes," the leader shouted, as a fellow scout scampered over the wooden bridge.

Teenagers make it look easy. But the boys can't have all the fun.

"Okay guys, you know it's only been about 30 years since I did this," said Scout leader Mike Tischer, as he climbed across the bamboo bridge.

He remembered how to handle the obstacle. Some scouting skills endure for decades.

"Y'all each will be making a flint and steel fire," said Adam Farmer, as he demonstrated fire making with flint and steel.

Yes, Boy Scouts still build fires without the benefit of matches or Bic lighters. A circle of friends watched their leader as they prepared for a primitive overnight adventure. They'll build shelters and make fire.

"Very minimal supplies. We're out there as guides. These guys are relying on the skills we've taught them during this class and their basic Boy Scout knowledge to go out there and survive," Farmer explained.

Ajay Mangal of Pascagoula enjoys the adventure of primitive camping.

"It's going to put us in a great position if we were to get stranded or lost. I've learned like, just steps of survival. And how to make it," he said.

Those who may find building fires a bit boring can satisfy their adrenaline craving with the Boy Scout version of extreme sports. It's called COPE: Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience.

"Pansy Man on rappel!", screamed Whit Whitlock as he jumped from the rappelling platform.

Rappelling off a 50 foot high wooden wall is his idea of outdoor adventure.

"I love climbing. I love falling. I love doing the extreme. My mom hates heights. My dad doesn't like 'em, but I love 'em," he said.

"We try to teach character through a great program. And outing has always been two thirds of the word scouting," said leader, Mike Tischer.

From rope bridges, to extreme rappelling, these scouts will experience adventure this week.