Seminar Helps Coast Women Start Business

Thirteen years ago, Teena Richardson took that baby step toward opening her own business. She started as a bookkeeper for a home-based consignment store. Richardson took over the business, and now runs "Re-Threads Resale" in Gulfport.

Teena Richardson said "You have to be careful what you buy and you have to really be thrifty. You also have to be willing to watch every penny to make it work".

Richardson understands the challenges of being a women business owner, who's also trying to raise a family. Richardson said "Us women, we know that's our first obligation is to our family and our children. It's hard sometimes to mix them both.  But if you have support from your husband or your relatives, that helps a lot".

Being able to run a household, can help women run a business. That's what a group of ladies learned at a Women's Business Seminar in D'Iberville. The program trained women on how on start a business, and make it grow.

Cindy Ayers-Elliott is a financial adviser who spoke at the seminar. She said "We're the most innovative people in the world, it's women. We can make a design happen out of sheets. We can do these things, and it's a matter now of how we can utilize this to make money".

Teena Richardson knows making money involves long hours, hard work and pinching pennies at times. But, the rewards are priceless.

Richardson said "I enjoy being able to put my own ideas into something, and I enjoy the people".

The Gulf Coast Women's History Coalition hosted the Business Seminar. A similar conference will be held sometime in September.

By: Trang Pham-Bui