Song Writers Festival is a hit in Ocean Springs

By Jessica Bowman – email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Local song writers had the chance to take their writing to another level Sunday in Ocean Springs during the first ever Song Writers Festival. During the grand finale of the three day event song writers took the stage showcasing their work.

Song writers took center stage playing music of many different genres. Whether their song was from a life lesson or a joyful experience, they were all played from the heart.

Charlie Jones said, "When you're singing stuff from the heart it's a little easier to do. There's no boundaries to writing songs. You can write anything from your dog dying to you know your Chevrolet truck."

Charlie Jones is a singer/song writer from Hurley, Mississippi. He said writing, singing and strumming the guitar is an incredible experience to do with other people who have the same love for music.

"What help me out more than anything was just realizing that everybody who writes songs, we all have one thing in common. And that's just the passion. The passion for the music," said Jones.

The festival was organized so the focus would be on Mississippi song writers. Board member Taylor Craven said it is giving them the opportunity to learn, play and grow all at once.

"We're getting to meet each other and say, hey let's write and do this and we're making these contacts also with these Nashville artists who have been overwhelmingly accommodating. You're sitting there getting to play some of your stuff with these pros and getting feedback," said Taylor Craven.

Constructive criticism was one of Nashville song writer Tommy Barnes' way of helping young artists down a path to success.

"More than anything it's an honest inside look at the reality of what it's about instead of the sugar coating, political correctness," said Tommy Barnes.

Organizers said because of the success of the event, they plan to continue the festival every year.

Sunday's event was held at the Mary C O'Keefe Cultural Arts Center.

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