Biloxi Landmark Temporarily Closes

There are a lot of memories here at the intersection of Porter and Division Streets.

Inside you'll find old pictures, classic checkered tablecloths, an antique cappuccino machine, and even the old style of cooking.

"We still make dough here, our pizza, our sauce is made here from scratch, everything in the kitchen is pretty well stayed the same," co-owner Valerie Davis said.

And you'll notice, the old memories which linger here at Hugo's have a striking resemblance to the new.

"We still have Mercy Cross that after Friday night football games, that brings me back to my childhood, you know we have lots of the football players, cheerleaders and all, the families that comes out," Davis said.

But these relics and memories don't quite measure up to what Hugo's is known for - the pizza.

"My first memory of eating a pizza on the Coast was here. I was born and raised here, and of course years ago when I grew up, there were no Pizza Huts or Pizza Inns around. So if you wanted good pizza then you came to Hugo's," customer Mike Impey said.

You also came to Hugo's if you wanted to pick up a new habit, like adding French dressing to your pizza.

"When I went to University of Southern Mississippi some years ago , when I grabbed the French dressing off the salad bar for my pizza, all the students up there looked at me like I had just come from another planet," Impey said.

A planet that is closing its doors on Saturday because of a lease dispute.

They say this will only be a temporary closing.

Hugo's has given residents more than 50 years of the Biloxi experience, and they do not plan to stop now.

The owners would like to thank residents for their support over the years.

Again, this will only be a temporary closing as owners are currently looking for a new location.