Take your imagination and your family for a spin

Imagine for a moment what it would be like if you could pilot a fighter jet. Try to picture your child soaring through the solar system. Now, envision a world that runs on green energy because of scientific breakthroughs that you discover. In Pascagoula, those opportunities exist.

You'll find them inside the school district's Family Interaction Center. We recently toured the center and were impressed by its innovative combination of technology and family values.

We learned that not too long ago, Pascagoula had no use for a vacant school building on Market Street. But through the vision of a school superintendent and the financial backing of some of Jackson County's industries, a dream has come to life.

The next time Pascagoula hosts a Super Saturday at the interaction center, take your family there. You'll quickly learn it's a complex where anything is possible. One classroom is a planetarium. Another has touch screen computers that put you in the cockpit of a fighter jet. The center has a wetlands exhibit, a TV studio, a radio booth, and enough space for the symphony to put on a concert.

The Family Interaction Center is a special place where families can spend time together. Where they can dream and where they can learn anything is possible.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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