Kidnapping victim recounts day he almost died

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Emotions ran high during the first day of testimony in the Capital Murder trial of Eddie Pugh. A man who was allegedly kidnapped and shot by Pugh after an altercation over drugs recounted how he was left for dead on a rural road in Jackson County.

Pugh, his girlfriend Torenda Whitmore, and Barron Borden are charged with kidnapping two men and murdering one of them in October of 2008. Rahman MoGilles told the jury he still can't believe his childhood friend, Eddie Pugh, tried to murder him.

"Coming up, we were over at their house playing, and he has two other sisters we all around the same age," MoGilles said. "I still don't understand why. The only question I ask is, 'Why?'"

But their friendship took an ugly turn one day in October 2008. MoGilles said he and his college buddy, Byron Kelsey McCoy, drove to Pugh's New Orleans home to buy Marijuana. He said Pugh saw McCoy and got suspicious.

"In his mind, he thought Kelsey was the Department of Corrections officer."

MoGilles testified that's when he left McCoy in the SUV and went inside Pugh's home to get the marijuana. Minutes later, he said he was knocked out and tied up by Pugh and Barron Borden. The duo then called McCoy in the house, and he was also tied up.

"At that point, I said my prayers," MoGilles said.

While praying, MoGilles said Pugh and Borden put the two of them in the back his SUV, and drove them across state lines to a narrow road in the Latimer community.

"It was very secluded, and that's all I could think of is I am going to die on this two lane road."

But he didn't die. Instead, MoGilles said Pugh made a hand gesture to Borden to shoot his college friend.

"Seconds later it was a loud pop. I looked to my left, and I see blood coming out of Kelsey's head, and at that moment I knew I was going to be next," the New Orleans man testified.

MoGilles told the court he had to get out of the SUV, so he wiggled out of his constraints, and began fighting with Borden and Pugh until he rolled out of the vehicle. He told the court he was headed for the woods, but he was shot twice while running.

"I could feel blood leaking. While wandering, all I could do think is they will never find my body. My children are not going to see me anymore. It is over."

During cross examination, the defense lawyers argued Pugh was not the triggerman in the shootings, nor did he hurt MoGilles or McCoy.

Lawyers also argued that Pugh was not gesturing to kill anyone that day; it could have been a directional signal because the group was in a rural area.

The federal courts have already sentenced Pugh to life in prison for crossing state lines to commit a crime. If convicted by the state of Mississippi, he could face the death penalty.

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