Katrina damaged buildings torn down at William Carey

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - More than five years after Hurricane Katrina shattered the former William Carey University campus in Gulfport, the damaged buildings are finally coming down.

Demolition has started on the four apartment complexes in the back of the campus. The five art buildings will be the next to go, then the library building and Parker Hall. The front Administration Building will be the last to be demolished.

Jerry Bracey, William Carey's Administrative Dean, said the university hasn't been able to sell the 20-acre property, so leaders decided to remove the buildings.

"We had a plan all along to clean our property and it was to start in the back and go toward the front," Bracey said. "So it's not like we're ignoring the front building, but we want to clean this property up, make it look a lot nicer, with the hopes that once we do get it cleaned, it'd be easier to sell it."

Bracey said residents at the Armed Forces Retirement Home also deserve a nicer view. All the buildings should be gone by next June.

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