Thai Passions - Pass Road, Biloxi

Chuck and Kay Shafer are owners of the new restaurant, Thai Passions. The restaurant evolved from Kay telling Chuck, "Somebody needs to open a Thai restaurant in Biloxi". Then the couple made it happen.

"Everything is completely authentic Thai right down to the sauces we use," Kay says. "Everything is from Thailand. Our cooks are from Thailand."

Kay's military customers tell her it reminds them of when they were stationed in Thailand.

Thai food is kind of difficult to explain if you've never tasted it.

"It is Asian cooking, but it's Southeast Asia, so the emphasis is on seafood," Kay says. "Everything has got to be very, very fresh."

They also do curries, which are not like the Indian curry or the Chinese curry that some people may have had before. It's a completely different taste with lemon grass and coconut milk. The level of spice can be adjusted.

They do a traditional Thai dish that's called Phad Thai. It's a rice noodle with a lot of different Thai seasons. There are also a number of soups to choose from, like Tom Yum (a clear chicken broth soup), lemon grass soup and Tom Ka.

The salads are light and flavorful with lots of fresh lime juice and fresh herbs like cilantro. There's also a chicken salad with a lot of mint in it, which can be very refreshing on a hot South Mississippi day.

Give Thai Passions a try for a taste that will send your temperature rising and take you to a whole new world.

Thai Passions is open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11am until 3pm. Dinner is served from 5pm until 10pm Monday through Thursday and until 10:30pm Friday and Saturday night. The bar is open until 7am Friday and Saturday nights. Call 432-THAI (8424) for more information.