Biloxi Barq family mum on relatives' suit against Coke

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - NEW ORLEANS (WLOX) - The complicated history of Biloxi's Barq's Root Beer family is laid out in a federal lawsuit against Coca Cola Company.

The great grandchildren of Barq's founder Edward Barq have filed suit against Coke claiming the beverage giant doesn't own their share of the root beer fortune. The lawsuit was filed last month by heirs of a child Barq had out of wedlock.

The suit says that child, Jesse Robinson, won a Louisiana bottling company in a poker game. At his father's urging, Robinson converted it into a facility that produced a version of Barq's root beer, while the Barq family bottled the original formula in Biloxi.

Coke acquired Barq's in 1995 for close to $92 million. The lawsuit claims Coke actually used Robinson's Louisiana root beer formula, but isn't legally entitled to it.

The Robinson heirs are asking for unspecified damages. Coca Cola says the claims in the suit are bogus. Click here to see the full lawsuit.

Robert "Bones" Barq of Biloxi told WLOX News his family is not commenting on the case.

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