Wave Fest attracts thousands this year

By Jessica Bowman – email

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Wave Fest was once again held back on the beach this year for the 10th anniversary. Thousands of people came out to enjoy food, music and vendors. Organizers believe it was the oil crisis that actually brought more activities to the fest than ever before.

Wave Fest landed an A in everyone's book this year, attracting thousands of people.

Martina Bigler said,"It was actually like really good. This is my first time so it was like really different. There's so many people, it's amazing."

Maureen Spaschak said, "It was a lot of fun. The music was great. The ferris wheel was great too.

Standing tall above Hancock Counties white sandy beaches was the carnival ride no one could seem to get enough of.

"We have a five story ferris wheel that has been incredibly popular with young and old alike," said Charlie Cornelius.

Co-Chair of Wave Fest Charlie Cornelius said people had many options when it came to food. Barbeque served hot off the grill or even a taste of Mexico.

"Our usual assortment of food vendors, crafters, business people promoting and selling their goods and services. It's just been a phenomenal event for Waveland, just phenomenal," said Cornelius.

An extra $70,000 dollars was put in the pool to re-vamp this year's festivities.

Beth Carriere said, "The tourism grant from BP to the three counties on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we wouldn't have been able to put this awesome festival on steroids."

And that's exactly what Executive Director of Hancock County's Tourism Development Bureau Beth Carriere said they did. Bringing in more well known bands and holding it at one of the city's picture perfect places.

"We've taken a festival that because of Katrina had to be in a ball park until this year and the beach was absolutely perfect. The pier is back. So for their 10th anniversary they're back to the beach," said Carriere.

Spaschak said, "They definitely should do the same thing on the beach next year."

Organizers estimated more than 15 thousand people were in attendance.

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