Living history floods Beauvior for Fall Muster

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - By Elizabeth Vowell – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – The Civil War is a history we all know.  Filled with turbulent times and images, many try to bury it in the past.  However, many others choose to embrace the troubled era when brothers fought against brothers, because they said there is a danger in forgetting.

"We need to understand why it happened and learn the mistakes and never let it happen again," said Civil War re-enactor Ken McGhee.

Each year hundreds of civil war enthusiasts, and even more spectators, watch the civil war come back to life at Beauvior, the former home of the confederate president.  For the spectators, it's a fun show of old fashion clothing, camping, and artillery.  For the re-enactors, it's a lifelong passion.

"We're all pretty much amateur historians and we study the causes of the war, the battles, the leaders, the civilians. We study every aspect of the life. We're living historians. We try to bring the history to the public," said McGhee.

Every participant knows that history by heart.  Much of the event is spent answering questions from curious visitors and sharing accurate stories about the everyday lives of people on both sides of the war.

"I'll say it was the most important war this nation has been in since the Revolutionary War, because the results of the war between the states molded the country into what it is today," said McGhee.

Once the battle is finished and a victor proclaimed both sides gather to declare and celebrate a lasting peace.

Vendors also sell food and souvenirs.  A part of the proceeds go to help support Beauvior.

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