New flea market comes to Woolmarket

By Krystal Allan – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It all started with a warehouse and a need for space.  Nick Landry needed somewhere to store big items left behind on his demolition job.

"I unloaded in the warehouse and the landlord came over and said you might as well keep it here. You ought to look at doing a flea market and that's how it all began," said Landry.

Four weeks ago Nick and Nacks Flea Market Exchange and Cafe in Biloxi's Woolmarket community was born.

"This area has grown up so much, but they do not have anything like this in this area," said Kathy Landry, owner of That's Hot Biloxi.

The vendor count sits at 22 and is growing.

"When I came here, it was just like a little family. At first, everybody was only gonna stay for about a week, but now everybody's staying, so I can't leave my family," said Landry.

There are traditional flea market finds like fresh fruits and veggies at Nicks and Nacks.  But, this flea market, according to its owners, is working to offer a little more.

At Nick and Nacks shoppers can walk away custom made baskets for any occasion.  Bargain buyers can also stock up on antique furniture and crystals, appliances, a collection of new c.ds or some distressed denim and one of a kind wardrobe pieces.

From Saucier to Moss Point, people are coming from across South Mississippi to grab bargains.  And small business owners have a new marketplace to drum up more business and community support.

Nick and Nacks is also home to a restaurant on the front end of the warehouse.  The flea market is on Highway 67, a mile north of I-10.

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