New "off-limits" road has some Long Beach drivers upset

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The road in front of the new Harper McCaughan Elementary School in Long Beach is off-limits to the public, and some drivers are not happy about that.

Barricades went up recently preventing drivers from using the school access road. FEMA funded the $960,000 road project as a safety requirement for the new school.

The superintendent said since the school district is responsible for maintaining it, officials are concerned about heavy traffic and wear and tear on the road.

"It was built by FEMA for the school. So it was built with public funds, but it was done for school access because we had a way to evacuate children," Long Beach Schools Superintendent Carrolyn Hamilton said. "If something should happen on Pineville, there's another outlet. And also so we wouldn't be putting our school traffic through neighborhoods that are already existing. That would not be fair."

In the coming weeks, the school district will put up electronic gates on both ends of the road. The gates will block public access, but allow emergency vehicles to go through.

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