Fire safety lesson in Long Beach turns smoky

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) – The house looks like a small trailer. Inside, it's furnished to feel just like home. It's also equipped to simulate a burning structure.

On Thursday, the students at Reeves Elementary School in Long Beach entered the home to learn about fire dangers and how to escape safely from a burning building.

"Is smoke good for you?" a fireman asked the class.

"No!" the students responded.

Suddenly, the lessons became all too real. The smoke alarm started beeping and fake smoke quickly filled the kitchen.

"Check the door for me," a fireman told the students.

The children had to crawl through the haze and get out safe and sound.

"One at a time!  One at a time!" a fireman shouted.

"Stay low and go. Stay low and go," the teacher told the class.

"When we're inside, it forces you to get very low to stay away from the smoke. You see a little clearly, better air to breathe," said Billy Ducote, a Seabee Base Fire Inspector. "The kids really enjoy it a lot. It gets their attention.  That's what we're trying to look for."

"It almost looked like a big old fire in there, because you could see the little fire in the back," said second grader Tony Davis.

"It was fun, but when the smoke came on, I got a little scared," said second grader Olivia Lipski.

"I think it was really cool when the smoke came on, because we got to crawl, and it looked like real smoke and everything," said second grader Sara Kurgan.

The Seabee Base Fire Department is taking the fire house on the road as part Fire Prevention Month.  The firefighters are visiting at least seven schools to share some life-saving tips.

"Tell me the number one more time," the fireman asked the children.

"9-1-1!" they shouted.

Teachers are also part of the lesson plan. They have to learn how to properly put out the flames. The children cheered as the teachers took turns using a fire extinguisher.

"They love it," said Ducote. "The goal is to save lives and property, lives first."

If you would like the Seabee Base Fire Department to take the Fire House to your school or community event, just call the department at (228) 871-2414.

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