Page 13: Growing cotton & peanuts in South Mississippi

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - By David Elliott – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Steve Seward opened a gate on his family farm and led us out to a pasture where beef cattle are raised.

"I grew up on a farm. This is all I've ever done. We really enjoy it," Seward said.

About 1,000 head of cattle keep Steve Seward busy on the farm in northeast Jackson County. His peanut and cotton crops are being harvested right now in Mississippi and just across the state line in Alabama.

Heavy machinery is digging up the ground and putting rows of peanuts under sunlight. The peanuts grow on vines.  Seward Farm peanuts are sent off to be dried, then they go to a shelling factory.

Susan Seward said the peanut business is strong in South Mississippi.

"We have more than 1,000 acres of peanuts. They're used for peanut butter, candy bars and peanut oil."

Meanwhile, a cotton picker is running in the field across the Alabama state line where the Seward family grows cotton. Seward Farms wants everyone to know how important cotton is to our way of life.

The family hosts field days at the farm where visitors see demonstrations emphasizing the importance of agriculture. The third generation farm dates back to 1938.

"It's a way of life. In return, we like everyone to prosper from what a farm does for you," said Steve Seward.

You can go to for more information on the operation and directions to the farm.

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