Potter Weaves Magic Throughout The Coast

The books have been revealed, and the crowd is getting restless.

They see what they want - a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - and nothing will stand in their way. Except time, and 12:01 did not come soon enough.

Julie Fabian and her boys had a reason to celebrate. They were the first in line, standing at the bookstore counter for two hours and sixteen minutes. Although their eyes were heavy and their feet were tired, it was definitely worth the wait.

"This is a book that my whole family enjoys, that we sit down and read together. They're captivating , you know, and we just enjoy them," Fabian said.

Nine year-old Joseph Jelinski definitely enjoys the Harry Potter collection. He's a stickler for detail, having read all four Harry Potter books EIGHT TIMES.

"I think that the fastest time I've ever done on like the first. It was one of the books, but it definitely wasn't the fourth, it was like a week or two," Jelinski said.

And don't think it's only kids who are under the spell of Potter magic.

Quite a few adults were spotted - not as regular parents, but as students of the legendary Hogwart.

"The books are just great in my opinion for kids and for adults because they really bring elements of all the traditional story fairy tales together, and they show that if you are a good person and you try hard, you can win, and it's a clear cut good and evil," Christine Woodell said.

Some people just couldn't wait to go home to begin this fifth Harry Potter adventure.They began their journey right in the bookstore.

"Oh gosh. I've been going crazy since the fourth one came out. I finished the fourth one in two days and I'm waiting to finish this one in about the same. It's so good," Jennifer Ford said.

Hopefully it is good, because the story is close to 900 pages long, making it the longest children's book there is.