Golf Tournaments Make Quick Money Makers

Tired of selling candy bars and cookies? Many times fund raisers are more of a hassle and pain than anything else. If your organization wants to raise money quick and easily, a golf tournament may be for you.

Saturday, Biloxi Postmaster Mike Bertucci safely hit onto the green at hole 14 at the Oaks Golf Course. He and the Gulf Coast Postal Customer Council, have organized a golf tournament to raise some much needed funds.

"From what I understand we have a full field. And as late as this morning, I got two or three phone calls at my house from customers along the gulf coast wanting to play in it but unfortunately we couldn't do it because the field was full,"Bertucci said.

Rather than having many small events that make small amounts of money. Golf tournaments are one way to make a lot of money in one day.

"It's very easy to do if you're organized I did one for the choral department in Long Beach and we had a lot of parent participation. We did a lot of hole sponsorships and we made $10,000 on one golf tournament," tournament organizer Ginger Worth said.

Besides making money on each player in the field, tournaments like these also do raffles, hole sponsorships, and on-the-green contests. And in this tournament, each mulligan costs five dollars.

"This way the players enjoy themselves, they're going to play. They're going to pay to play anyway," Worth said.

Both tournament organizers and golf course managers say, golf tournament fund raisers are a win-win-win for the organizations, players and the courses.

"Anytime you can sit back and know your golf course is going to be full at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning, it's enticing to let you go out and offer a little better deal to someone," Oaks Golf Course Director of Golf Chris Mead said.

And with a full field for the event, scores should be low and the rake should be high.

The Oaks said they're willing to accommodate small or large groups of golfers for tournaments.

For more information on the Oaks Golf Course or the Gulf Coast Postal Customer Council, click on the links.