Coast tourism leaders on a Cruisin' high

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - By Rebecca Powers – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Sunny, blue skies and shiny classic beauties made old men wish for younger days. The 2010 edition of Cruisin' the Coast cruised into the history books with the help of some BP tourism cash.

Local tourism leaders plan to build on that momentum to carry their tourism season into a prosperous New Year.

"We are focused on the future all the time because everybody wants to know what have you done for me lately," Harrison County Tourism Director Richard Forester said. "Coming off of what was possibly the best Cruisin' the Coast event, at least since the storm, I think it makes more people aware of, 'Gosh, there's an awful lot going on down there. And people seem to like it. Maybe it's someplace we need to check out.'"

Forester wants to take the success from that classic car week and carry into other events like festivals and the Charter Boat Challenge. The fishing competition lasts throughout the month of October. They already have 73 anglers out reeling them in on 13 charter boats. And then there's always Beauvoir's Fall Muster, to take you back in time.

"Well, if you want to experience it as realistic as you can get without a bullet going by your ear, that's the only thing missing. But everything else is original and authentic as you can get," Beauvoir Director Rick Forte said.

The long standing event on the historic grounds of Jefferson Davis' home, brings in about 6,000 visitors. Forte hopes some of their new found friends come back this weekend.

"We had several people from Cruisin' come in. Whether they had classic cars or not, they were down here to see us. And it's great for the coast. And anytime we can promote Beauvoir with any event down here, we like that, absolutely."

Beauvoir's Fall Muster lasts throughout the weekend at Beauvoir in Biloxi. For Muster times and events, visit

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