Supervisors consider project to ease flooding along Turkey Creek

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County supervisors are considering a proposed retention pond project that could help eliminate flooding along the Turkey Creek watershed.

Property owner Bob Lankford and Long Beach Mayor Billie Skellie appeared before the board Monday.

Lankford is willing to donate 20 acres of land that could be used for an Army Corps of Engineers flood mitigation project. The idea is to build a retention pond that would catch much of the runoff water from heavy rainfall before it floods the area along 28th street.

"Not the day of the rain event, but the day after, it flows over 28th Street where it could knock a car off the road," Mayor Skellie told board members. "I'm hoping that what we're proposing will stop that."

"If the Corps of Engineers comes up with the money and the project is approved, I think the board would be foolish not to support it, because it would in fact mitigate some of that flooding," District 3 Supervisor Marlin Ladner said.

Supervisor Ladner said, however, he would not support spending more money for an expensive study about the problem. He said the county already paid for a similar study several years ago.

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