Wider Popp's Ferry Launches Business Mecca

While crews relocate fire hydrants that stand in the way of the Popp's Ferry widening,  realtor Oscar Lestrade is down the street doing a little work of his own. Lestade hopes to make a deal with Marc Nguyen over this closed up convenience store. Nguyen says he sees great potential for the store because of its prime location along this busy road.

"Yeah, definitely because there's no business, I'm surprised there's so little bit in this area, mainly it's just a lot of residential and no commercial," says Nguyen.

As the road gets bigger, Lestrade says the area north of the Popp's Ferry Bridge is a business boom waiting to happen.

"The places are goin' like hot cakes. You can hardly find a place left to expand on Popp's Ferry Road that hasn't been taken over so it's a high demand area and it's gonna keep growing," says Lestrade.

The signs are going up on a new convenience store, liquor store and restaurant. They'll open well in advance of the road work that hasn't even started in this section. Mary Vuyovich owns nearby Sweet Stuff bakery. She sees the new businesses as a sign of what's to come.

"It's an inconvenience right now, but I can see in the future more businesses are going to move in here, more people are gonna be passing up and down the road, so it's gonna be a boom for everybody in this area."