Cruisin' the Coast brings generations together

By Jessica Bowman – email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Cruisin' the Coast will go down as the most successful classic car showcase since Hurricane Katrina.  More than 4,800 car buffs registered their vehicles at Centennial Plaza.  And many of those people spent up to a week on the coast, sharing their love of mint condition wheels with other car enthusiasts, and with family members.

Cruisin' the Coast has long been a family event and this year was no different. We talked to people of people of all ages who were brought together by one thing, classic cars.

If Cruisin' the Coast proved one thing this year it was you're never too old, or too young to fall in love with a classic car.

Payton Kelim said, "Having fun wandering around and looking at all the cars and stuff."

Youngster Payton Kelim came along with his family from Mobile, Alabama to see what the cars were made of.

"It sounded like it was a screaming horn coming out from the tires," said Kelim.

Harold Walzer said, "A lot of kids yea. And they love it. Want you to do burn outs."

Burn out's were a crowd pleaser for the boys. And Cruisers like Harold Walzer really enjoyed seeing the children's passion for the antiques.

"It lets them appreciate the older cars, muscle cars and back to the 30's and 20's. It's a good thing," said Walzer.

Children weren't the only ones who loved watching the classics drive by. Kelim's mother Kyla said she's in car Heaven just as much as her son.

Kyla Kelim said, "The people, the cars, the energy and just wandering around being able to sit and just watch the cars go by. It's really fun. You can see cars going back 100 years, so it's just really a neat experience for me."

Everyone seemed to get their own satisfaction out of the classic show.

Payton Kelim said, "I think my favorite part was seeing all the cars go by."

All ages, all generations came all together for one reason, Cruisin' the Coast.

Both Payton and his mother, Kyla said they hope to make Cruisin' the Coast a regular family tradition.

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