A Chinese Drywall solution appears to be working after the system was installed two weeks ago

By A.J. Giardina – bio | email

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - 72-hours after the RISS System was installed, home owner Michelle Legere noticed a big difference.

Michele Legere said, "There's been no more nose bleeds. When we wake up in the morning I don't feel so sluggish."

Landon Greene says the RISS System is installed close to the air handling supply.

"In this case we came right through her AC grille right here."  He added, "Right underneath the system we mounted our RISS System, right to the bottom of the air handler. Now all the air is going to pass right through the RISS System, go through the air conditioner and back out into the house. As it circulates this air, it's constantly removing the VOC's."

That's the volatile sulfuric gases that's emitted into the air from the Chinese Drywall.

After checking the readings he said, "The readings that we got today are all below the zero range for our meter. When we were here previously we were in the 1 to 2 range.  So that's a very positive sign."

Legere can't be any happier saying, "Certainly it's a definite peace of mind knowing that my son is not going to wake up in the middle of the night with blood all over his pillow and I'm not going to have any effects as far a stuffy nose when I wake up in the morning."

Greene says about 20 holes were drilled into the sheet rock throughout the home so that the gases from behind the sheet rock can be released.

How long will the RISS System work?  Greene explained, "As long as we service the equipment once a month and we keep up with the daily, monthly and quarterly maintenance, it can last as long as she lives in the house or as long as the house is still standing."

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has said that the State of Mississippi can use some of its Katrina block grant money to assist homeowners with contaminated drywall remediation.

The Mississippi Development Authority, which administers the grant funds, is considering whether to offer drywall assistance.

Congressman Taylor's office talked to a representative of the RISS System and told him that they will need to have HUD verify that the system works before it could be eligible for the block grant program.

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