Planning Okays Tree Removal

The Biloxi Planning Commission Thursday afternoon, voted to allow the Biloxi Housing Authority to remove 27 protected trees from a site off of Bayview Avenue.

No one at the meeting spoke in opposition to cutting down the trees. There also was no opposition at an earlier meeting weeks ago, when the commission approved cutting down about 90 trees.

The project's architect says there is a reason no one has spoken out against cutting down the trees.

''I think what you need to do is look at what we are doing, what we are accomplishing," Frank Genzer said.

What they are accomplishing, is what Genzer calls a public housing project unlike any the Coast has ever seen. To develop the spot, which is where the Bayou Auguste housing project once stood, some trees have to be taken down.

"I wish we could have left that beautiful site as a public park. But if we did that, we would be forgetting the whole purpose of Hope Six, and that is to provide housing for needy people," Genzer said.

Genzer was quick to add, the design took into consideration allowing as many trees to remain as they possibly could.

The Housing Authority hopes to begin building the infrastructure for the project in August or September.