Barrier islands are our first line of defense

The barrier islands are our first line of defense when a hurricane threatens the coast. However, over the years, storms like Hurricane Katrina have battered them and eroded part of the island chain.Several projects to restore the islands are underway.

Work began recently to restore Deer Island to the way it was in 1910. Since it is so close to our shores, you can see how the western tip of the island has eroded away. Currently sand is being pumped in to build the island back to the way it looked when our grand parents used to swim or picnic there. After the island is restored, our hope is that more coast residents will take the opportunity to visit Deer and enjoy the beauty of the island.

The barrier island that needs the most work is Ship Island. Hurricane Camille cut a path across that island creating what's known as Ship Island Cut. But that will be filled in and the two parts of Ship Island will be reconnected. Work also needs to be done on the western end of the island, around Fort Massachusetts to protect the fort from storms.

As we said, the barrier islands are our front line of defense in hurricane season. This restoration is much needed to keep the coast from becoming even more vulnerable to any approaching storm.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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