'Bosses' Chopper To Camp Shelby

It's called 'Operation Boss Lift.'  Employers from all over the state converged at Camp Shelby Wednesday by helicopter. The Mississippi Army National Guard wants the "bosses" who support the guard to be more aware of what their soldiers do.

Wednesday Morning Captain Andrew Robertson of the 155th Infantry awaits the arrival of more than 80 'bosses.

"It gets you here quickly simultaneously, and a that's what it's about, power projection the ability to shoot move and communicate, so we want to give you a feel of how synchronized we can get you in one location, above and beyond that it's fun to be in a helicopter," Robertson said.

The 155th Infantry is at Camp Shelby this week for their two weeks of Summer training.

Inside his Bradley fighting vehicle, Staff Sgt. Gary Deadeux, of Hartson-Kenndy Counter Top company in Gulfport, trains for future combat. There was a big smile on his face when he saw his boss, Philip Spurlan, come over and say hello.

"Great job," Spurlan said.

"Thank You. I appreciate you coming up here to see what we do," Deadeux said.

"I appreciate all the work you do for us and the country," Spurlan said.

This kind of interaction between employer and employee is what the Guard wants to see more of.\

"It tickles me to death that he's here, so that he could see what I do during these two weeks, so that he can go back and tell the rest of the people there that we don't just play around," Deadeux said.

The soldiers don't play around knowing their lives could someday be on the line. One of the training missions the 155th performed for the bosses Wednesday was a a short ground operation. A opposition solderi in a cover and conceal position was overtaken by a team split in two.

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