Coast Physician Back On The Job After 45 Day Hiatus

A Coast physician, who had made plans to move his practice to Alabama, is staying in Mississippi after all.

Dr. Joe Jackson is a Saucier neurologist who has the Wellness Clinic. Back in April, he lost his insurance when his carrier announced it was leaving Mississippi. Dr. Jackson says he was stunned.

Suddenly, this highly respected doctor, couldn't find insurance. In fact, no one was even accepting applications from physicians at that point. Without insurance, the doctor could not practice.

Although another neurologist helped keep the clinic running, Dr. Jackson spent more than a month away from his office and patients, until just a few days ago. Finally, the state came to the rescue.

"The state pool program that the legislature started came just in time. I was among the first to apply," Dr. Jackson said.

Now, the state is his insurance carrier.

"With that, we at least had some type of insurance program and felt we could open back up," Dr. Jackson added.

But, the state pool is far from perfect. Lawmakers only put a half million dollars in it. Dr. Jackson feels unless there are some major changes, the insurance pool will probably go broke with the first couple of suits they get.

For Dr. Jackson, it's better than not having insurance, and at least now, he is back doing the work he loves.

"It's nice to see people back, it is nice to know they missed you," he said.

The doctor is cautiously optimistic that a long term solution to the insurance crisis will be found.

Even with all the problems in the medical profession right now, Dr. Jackson says he is glad he chose to become a doctor.