Caillavet Street To Be Re-Zoned

Senator Tommy Gollott and eight other back bay property owners have reason to celebrate. On Tuesday, the Biloxi City council approved the re-zoning of Caillavet Street so the group can build a casino along Keegan Bayou.

But the decision wasn't a victory for everyone. Residents against the plan once again pleaded with the City Council not to re-zone Caillavet.

Biloxi Businessman Mitch Kallom has opposed the casino plan since its inception.

"This project and this re-development is nothing but political fodder. The emperor has no clothing. I implore you not to allow the re-zoning," Kallom said.

He claims the plan would make a handful of wealthy people like Senator Gollotte, even richer at Biloxi's expense. The group's attorney, Mike Cavanaugh says that's not true.

"It's false. There's nine different land owners and many of them are not rich at all. They've been hard working citizens of Biloxi for many years," Cavanaugh said.

The 4 to 2 vote in favor of a zoning change doesn't finalize the casino plan by any means. The group's attorney says they still have a long way to go.

"Now we then go back to the gaming commission on the suitability with a myriad of considerations. We have the DMR permitting issue to go. We have the tidelands with the secretary of state. It's a long way from completion, but this is a always a good first step," Cavanaugh said.