What should children learn?

What should children learn? Recently WLOX criticized parents, grandparents, and community members who supported the reopening of the Nichols Elementary School. The protest was held at a Gorenflo Elementary assembly celebrating the Blue Ribbon achievement of the now closed Nichols School.

The irony of this was that the same people who were there to speak of the achievements of the Nichols were the same ones who felt that the school was not worth keeping it open. The parent and community members who were present were teaching the children a much more important lesson than just being quiet at an assembly. The parents were demonstrating to the children not to accept wrongdoing and hypocrisy.

The chants of save Nichols School were quite appropriate for this assembly. Nichols' student and faculty accomplishments were being heralded as a great achievement by the president and superintendent of the Biloxi schools who decided to close the school.

Should the students be taught to be quiet in the face of hypocrisy or to stand up in the face of it? This would be the same as your boss calling you to a meeting of your fellow employees to celebrate the fact that you are the most productive employee in the company after he just fires you.

Edmund Burke said, "All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Teaching the children not to take a wrong decision lightly is always appropriate, and what better place to learn it then at an assembly being sponsored by the same people who decided that your school's accomplishments were greater than any other school but not good enough to keep it open.

Vonnie Travis
Save Our Schools

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