Biloxi couple excited about Cruisin' the Coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - By Steve Phillips – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A Biloxi couple that owns nine classic cars is counting down the days until Cruisin' the Coast.

Clell and Linda Rosetti look forward to reuniting with friends they've met at various car shows over the years. They also enjoy the opportunity to show off their favorite rides.

"This is a '30 Chevrolet," said Clell Rosetti, as he proudly showed off one of his classic cars to a visitor.

Two of his beautiful hot rods are parked in his so-called "show shed."

"This is kind of like our playground, only bigger toys," explained his wife Linda, talking about the building filled with cars and antiques and automotive collectibles.

"It's got a big block, and it's powerful. It's pushing 850 horsepower," said Rosetti, before he fired up the 1941 Willis.  The engine roared to life and the loud noise vibrated throughout the building.

The '41 Willis burns airplane fuel. And it's fast enough off the line to give you whiplash.

"If I put a $100 bill on the dashboard, you couldn't snatch it if I took off in that thing," said a smiling Rosetti, with his wife nodding in agreement.

Rosetti bought his first car, a 1929 Ford, some 15 years ago.

"Linda got involved in it. She loved the cars too. So, we started adding to the little collection, and now we've got nine cars right now," he said.

The 1960 Corvette is one of Linda's favorite rides. It was a special gift to mark a significant birthday.

"When a lady turns 50, it's sort of something she regrets. And you're not anxious to get there. But he gave me a 1960 Corvette for my 50th birthday, so it was something to look forward to," she recalled.

The Rosettis also look forward to Cruisin' the Coast each year. They show off their classics at car shows throughout the Southeast, but Cruisin' is by far the favorite.

"It helps the entire coast. Like I said, it's a shot in the arm at this time of year. The way things have been, especially with the oil spill this year, it will help tremendously," he said.

Close friends and fellow cruisers will be invited to relax in the Rosettis' show shed.  Along with the cars, the automotive-theme antiques and models and wall of trophies make car buffs feel right at home.

Cruisin' the Coast is a chance to relax and enjoy the company of fellow classic car owners.

"The nice thing about the events, you go to the events. You put out your chair. You relax. You talk. No telephones. No housework. No business. You can relax and enjoy each other," said Linda Rosetti.

Thousands like the Rosettis will get the party started this Sunday when Cruisin' the Coast kicks off. Organizers are expecting nearly 5,000 cars at this year's event. To see a schedule of events, or learn more about registration, visit

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