PCC Helps Save Money On Postage

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Postal Customer Council wants you to know you can easily save money every time your business uses the mail. The 3 year old 'PCC' wants more people to know about the special services of the post office.

There are more than 4,000 different postage rates at the post office, and close to 200,000 regulations. Although regulated by the federal government, the post office does not receive any federal funding. The PCC is kind of a liaison between the post office and the customer. They say their main goal is to help you save money by providing information and expertise.

"Any casino will tell you that mail is vital to their operation. It's a unique enough scenario, that we actually get calls when people don't get their mail," McGinty-Lough said.

Sunday, director of database marketing for Park Place Entertainment, Charles McGinty-Lough overlooked the production of his July mailer. His letter shop never closes. 24 hours, seven days a week his machines fold, collaborate, sort, address, and apply postage to millions of letters.

"We are running anywhere from one and a half to two million piece a mail a month out of this facility," McGinty-Lough said.

That's about $500,000 in postage each month. Like any business Charles says he's always looking for opportunities to decrease expenses, without affecting customer service. One way he's found that is by working with the Postal Customer Council.

"I know just the small changes that we've done with them have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars of savings annually, and every month I continue to work with the U.S. Postal Service through the PCC and find more ways to save money," McGinty-Lough said.

Park Place saves money by using discounts that the Post Offices offers. In turn, savings like those help businesses and the community grow.

"The PCC is about networking with postal customers to tell them about the moneys they can save, using the United States Postal Service discounts that are available, and it will grow their business. A lot of people are not aware of that they are there," Gulfport Postmaster Tim Machen said.

Machen said a lot of people and a lot of local governments don't take advantage of the services the post office offers.

"If you don't need to save money, than don't bother finding out about the PCC, but if you want to save money these folks at the postal service will find a way," McGinty-Lough said.

As a member of the PCC there's no charge for using the experience and expertise of its members. Post Office personnel can even come to your facility for consultations.

If you're interested in joining the PCC there's a general membership meeting, this Wednesday morning, at the Gulfport Yacht Cub, at 8 am

For more information on the Gulf Coast PCC click here.