Flag Day Patriotism Flies High

Saturday was Flag Day, a day to honor the stars and strips. There were a lot of flags flying--on the streets and in the neighborhoods, and especially on people. 226 years ago the Continental Congress officially adopted the stars and strips as our flag, and it has stood for America's ideals ever since.

Saturday, Dixie Hornsby painted a 'flag puzzle' on the sidewalk at the coliseum, along side her two daughters. This year's Flag Day has extra special significance to her because of all the sacrifices so many have made overseas for our freedom.

"And, ya know, our flag is, anytime you say the Pledge of Allegiance it's just kind of so important for everybody to be patriotic, and especially in these times," Hornsby said.

The Hornsby family says participation in this activity helps them do their part for our country. Dixie Hornsby hopes to teach her children why cherishing the flag is so important.

"So many times we look over the smaller holidays that are not gift giving, ya know. Where we've been given such a gift of our freedom and everything," Hornsby said.

The image of the flag doesn't necessarily have to be the traditionally 13 strips and 50 stars. The portraits on the sidewalk were representations of American patriotism direct from the imagination. For many, thinking about what to draw often brings to mind the best reasons why America is so great.

"It just makes me look at them and know 'well, I'm one of them' and I'm proud to be it," Paige McDonnell said.

"They must be really brave going out there and fighting the war for the country and everybody... risking their lives for us," Nicki Hornsby said.

"And I've seen Mickey Mouse. There's nothing more American than Mickey Mouse, and Mickey Mouse is holding a flag. So, that's in the youth category. So yes, these are patriotic scenes. And patriotism takes on a different shape and form for every age," event coordinator Lisa Michiels said.

This is the first ever side walk art contest at the summer fair. Contestants in three categories won cash prizes for the best picture.