Super Wal Mart To Be Built On Broadwater Fairways

The Broadwater's 12th tee box is just a short iron from Pass Road. That spot is where shoppers may drop plenty of green into Super Wal Mart cash registers.

Michael Cavanaugh is an attorney who represents Carlton and Associates. "It's just a great big piece of property that you can develop first class," he said.

Once the Carlton deal goes through, the Broadwater's 11th green will become a Super Wal Mart parking lot. "It's a great location for shopping," Cavanaugh said. "It allows the ability also to do some nice upscale housing."

One of the partners in this project is Tommy Vervacke. He said the golf course land could be improved "to the point of becoming a showcase for commercial-residential development in Biloxi."

Executives with the President Casino said they were willing to sell the Broadwater golf club because they wanted to reduce their debts. The Carlton group was willing to buy the 198 acre site, for an undisclosed price, because of all the possibilities it offered the developer. "It's high land. It's easy to develop," said Cavanaugh. "You don't have a lot of the impediments you have in building in other areas on the coast, where you run into wetlands problems."

Pam Ivy often takes pictures of the golfers who play the Broadwater. She couldn't believe the golf course had a for sale sign on it. She was "very, very shocked. With the way golf is growing here on the coast, for them to close the course period is shocking."

The Super Wal Mart developers are supposed to officially own the Broadwater golf course in October.

The Broadwater Golf Club will stay open until the sale is finalized.

Carlton and Associates is the same company building the Pass Christian Super Wal Mart which opens next week.