Major expansion planned for Pass Harbor

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - By David Elliott – bio | email

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Pass Christian has an ambitious plan in the works to expand the city's harbor.

The $25 million project would involve moving to the east, all the way to Davis Avenue. City leaders realize how important the expansion is to Pass Christian's future.

"It's a town where everything faces the water. We live and die by the water. We've always been a seafood city," Mayor Chipper McDermott said. "Also, water sells. So it will be good for economic development."

Nine new main piers would be added under the plan, with 178 finger piers and three more access ramps. The expansion would also add 213 recreational slips and 144 commercial slips.

According to Mayor McDermott, those added slips will fortify the seafood industry's capacity in the Pass.

"We know it's needed on the coast because of a shortage of places for commercial harbors. We think it's a win every way you go."

Because the expansion involves filling in more than 13 acres of water bottom and would impact the sand beach, the state, specifically the Department of Marine Resources will have to grant permission.

Public hearings will be held and McDermott said, if everything goes as planned, the city should be moving forward in about six months.

"We're very aggressive. We're shooting for March to put it out for bid. It will probably be about 60 days to award the contract. Then it will take two years to build. We're looking at May of 2013."

The project includes parking, a public pavilion, and much more.

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