Page 13: Raising goats in Stone County

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - By David Elliott – bio | email

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A trip to the G & M Goat Farm on the outskirts of Wiggins reveals a unique world of agriculture in South Mississippi.

"There are about 300 breeds of goats worldwide. These are what's called South African Boars" Morris said of the animals on his land.

The goats are raised to go to market. According to Gloria Richardson, goat meat is healthy and very popular around the world.

"Goat meat is the most consumed red meat in the world. It is 40 percent leaner then chicken," Gloria said.

Gloria and Morris Richardson have developed a market for goat meat in South Mississippi and beyond. The farm has been designated as a centennial farm because it's been in Gloria's family for generations.

"The farm has been in our family for 115 years of continuous farming. We love it. It started with my grandfather in 1895."

One hot afternoon this week, a herd of goats was delivered by the Alcorn State University Small Farm Development Program. Recently, the Richardsons received the Innovative Farmers Award from a national conference.

"We appreciate that kind of recognition," Gloria said.

It's hard work on the goat farm, but it's a labor of love; especially when newborns come into the world.

"My enjoyment is the kidding season when they start birthing. I get to see the results of all my work," Morris said.

Gloria displays the wide variety of meat products found on the farm.

"We offer different cuts of meat. Goat meat is slow food, but we've created fast food with our sausage and tamales."

That's right, goat tamales. Morris and Gloria visit the farmer's market in Ocean Springs and Long Beach on Saturdays, and you can find them at markets in Bay St. Louis and Hattiesburg every Thursday.

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