MEMA chief details state's Katrina recovery to Congress

WASHINGTON, DC (WLOX) - Mississippi's Emergency Management Director told Congress Wednesday, FEMA's habit of changing its decisions and denying reimbursements have stopped some Katrina recovery projects in their tracks.

Mike Womack testified before a House subcommittee looking at lessons learned from the 2005 hurricane. House members are hoping to learn how the federal government can improve for the future.

Womack said some cities and counties are still fighting to get reimbursements and permission to move ahead on vital infrastructure projects.

"I said, you know, when the first FEMA representative comes in there, if they write an estimate for what repair costs or replacement costs will be for a building or structure, that unless there is some fraud or attempt to mislead the federal representative, we should stand by that first estimate," Womack told lawmakers.

Click here to read Mike Womack's written testimony to Congress. Or click here to watch a video of the hearing.

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