Saints spirit could help Gulfport school score $10,000 prize

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS    (WLOX) – "It's a Saint's party in here! It's like Mardi Gras!" the announcer shouted as the music started.

The Gulfport High Band kicked-off the Saints celebration at Pass Road Elementary Friday morning.  Tiny Brees', Bushes, Shockeys, and Colstons cheered and chanted in a noisy sea of black and gold.

There was a lot riding on the rousing pep rally.  The more team spirit they showed, the closer they'll get to winning a $10,000 NFL health and fitness prize.

"We had to tie the whole event into how relevant it was with fitness and the Saints and our level of enthusiasm, which as you know, nobody does it like us at Pass Road Elementary," said Coach Adrian Dodson.

To show their creativity and originality, the school converted the gym into the "Fleur De Lis Fitness Center".  All week, the students have been exercising at various Saints-themed stations.

"Tchoupitoulas chin-ups and the Jeremy Shockey Shuttle Run and just all sorts of things that are related to the Saints and fitness," said Dodson.

Saints fans of all ages eagerly showed off their Who Dat moves. And to cap off the Saintsational Day, school principal Kenny Hudson got soaking wet after a staff member dumped a container of water on him.

"It was wet and cold," said Hudson. "Our kids deserve the best. They work really hard and we like doing things like this for them."

When asked if the water bath was worth it, Hudson smiled and said "It's worth it, no doubt. In the end, you do it for the kids."

"I can't see anybody doing it like we do here today. I mean, how much bigger can you get?" asked Dodson.

Schools in the competition must also write essays and submit pictures to prove their team spirit.  North Bay Elementary in Bay St. Louis is also in the competition.

Friday was the deadline for submissions.  Along with the $10,000 prize, the 34 winning schools will also get a visit from members of their favorite NFL team.

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