wants help prevent heartache  founder and president Janette E. Fennell sent an email to WLOX News regarding the heat related death of the 18-month-old child.

"We at are very saddened to learn about the little girl who died on Wednesday in a hot vehicle. Unfortunately this is at least the 44th child who has died from heat stroke in a vehicle this year in the US. Our records also show this is the 10th child vehicular heat stroke death in Mississippi since we have been gathering data about this issue.

Attached are safety tips to help parents and caregivers put practices in place that will help to prevent their family from experiencing the unthinkable.  We also have PSAs and other materials available for your use to help raise awareness.

We have been working towards the reduction and/or elimination of children dying due to vehicular heat stroke for over 12 years.  We believe, education, public awareness and technology is what is needed to prevent these predictable and preventable tragedies.

A summary of this topic and information about the child vehicular heat stroke issue is attached for your convenience.

Feel free to contact us should you require any further background information or statistics.

Let's work together to ensure that no more Mississippi children perish this way.

Warmest Regards,

Janette E. Fennell
Founder & President
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