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BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - He dared to say President Johnson orchestrated President Kennedy's assassination. He even published it in his book "Blood, Money and Power: How LBJ killed JFK." In 2003, it made him a best selling author.

Barr McClellan recently released another book called "Made in the U.S.A."

In it, he shows how the successful recovery of our nation's economy depends on the American consumer.

As President Lyndon Johnson's personal attorney, Barr McCllelan has been a D.C. insider for close to 50 years.

He says, that position gave him real insight of how Washington politics works. He saw it at a deep level during a very trying time in this country, the 1960's.

When comparing the state of our union to that tumultuous time of the past, McClellan says there's actually more reason to worry today.

In his new book, he outlines global greed, bad tax laws and the exportation of America's future.

McClellan said, "We've just got to balance the trade. With all that's going out, we're losing manufacturers; we're losing service jobs now. It is really hurting us."

His answer is open trade that would give all parties full disclosure.

McClellan said, "If we know what these foreign governments are doing and so many are corrupt, there's a corruption index out there that show's how bad they are, and some are major trading partners."

But he says our government won't do anything about balancing trade deficits to level the playing field and save American jobs, but you certainly can.

He says buy American as much as you can and demand tax breaks from those in power. That way, small businesses can thrive and put out the "help wanted" signs in your neighborhood.

McClellan said, "The real change is going to have to be in this country because of our unique position, going to have to be lower. The burden on free enterprise in this country and that comes down to taxes."

All of the answers and some secrets are given in McClellan's "Made in the U.S.A.". A book that forces you to think about your own power as an American and how you can demand answers to can change the status quo.

"Once we start disclosure, you know astute journalists and reporters can find out what's going on quickly, and they do a great job of it really," McClellan said.

You can find "Made In The U.S.A." at all major bookstores and look for his columns in national papers like the "Wall Street Journal" and "The Hill."

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