Seabee Wife Wants Injured Husband Home Soon

The wife of a Gulfport Seabee anxiously waits for her injured husband to come home from Iraq.

Christopher Green was among several Seabees hurt when a land mine or ordinance exploded under a piece of heavy equipment at a construction site in Al Kut, about 100 miles southeast of Baghdad.

The blast killed one Seabee, Doyle Bollinger Junior.

Michelle Green never imagined the danger of war would strike so close to home.

"I love you too," said a tearful Michelle Green as she talked on the phone.

The 23 year old Gulfport woman got an unexpected phone call Monday from a military hospital in Germany. On the line was her Seabee husband Chris, hurting and homesick.

"He's really got wounds all up in his stomach, holes in his arms and his legs, and as far as I know, all he wants to do is come home. We don't know exactly the specific date that he's supposed to come home," she said.

Chris might make it home by Father's Day for his first look at the baby he's never seen. He deployed in February. Kelly was born in March. Michelle stays busy caring for the baby, along with Chris's two step daughters, Angel and Rebecca.

She never expected the dangers in post-war Iraq.

"It's not supposed to happen to our guys. And it was really unexpected, you know. Especially having one of our good friends dying over it, you know, Bollinger. He's a really good friend of ours," she explained.

She's thankful her Seabee survived and will now countdown the hours to an emotional reunion.

"He said he's hurting really bad. And all he wants to do is just come home. They need to hurry up and get him home. Now. Not later," said Green.

Chris Green is 21 years old and joined the Navy two years ago. He and Michelle were married just seven months ago.