After the Saints beat the Vikings 14-9 Brett Favre says he wasn't sharp

By A.J. Giardina – bio | email

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - Defense and more defense was the name of the game.

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre attempted 27 passes, completed 15 for 171 yards, one touchdown and an interception. He says he could have and should have played better.

Brett Favre says the Vikings had a chance to win but he admits he wasn't at the top of his game.

"The turnover didn't cost us any points that was one of their blitz packages that got me," he explained. "That was my mistake. But overall I just missed some throws that I should have made."

Saints defensive back Tracy Porter said, "I don't know what we did. Maybe it was all the Vikings fans, everyone saying that we were going to attack his ankle or do whatever we're going to do."  He added, "Maybe he just didn't feel comfortable in the pocket because our guys got great pressure on him."

Despite taking a couple of licks Favre said his ankle held up pretty well, "Yeah it did pretty well A-J.  He added, "It did OK. We protected a lot better You know I don't run around like I use to but I felt like it held up OK."

While Brett says he wasn't rusty he admits that he's got to get better and said he will.  Favre and his Viking teammates have 9 off to rest before hosting the Miami Dolphins on September 19 at Mall of America Field.

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