Dancers Take The Stage At Point Cadet

When she's not paying attention to the cameras, 1-year old Kayla Casey is a ball of sunshine.

She was one of hundreds of spectators at Point Cadet watching the year-end recital of dance students from The Studio in Ocean Springs.

Kayla's mom,Carri Beth Casey, says her daughter will be ready for the stage in about a year or two. She believes it'll be good for her.

"I used to be a dancer and before I had my children and it's also good for their coordination and learning to be onstage and be around people and perform in front of people," said Casey.

The theme for this year's recital is Celebrate.

This was the first year for The Studio to hold its season finale at Point Cadet.

Dance director Susan Gates wanted to give her students the full experience of performing in a professional-type venue.

However, in order to have that experience, someone had to build it.

"We kind of felt like we wanted to do something a little bit out of the box. Several of the venues that were available to us in the area are covered up this time of the year. And so my husband is in the scenery business and so we ended up constructing our own stage throughout the year building that," said Gates.

Susan and her husband brought in the lighting, the curtains, and the sound.

It was up to the dancers to bring the talent, and they brought it in ballet shoes, jazz shoes, taps, and tutus.

If you missed all the action on Sunday, you can catch the dancers in the final performance on Monday at 7 p.m. at Point Cadet.