Keesler airman anxious to see son for first time

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - By Jeff Lawson – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Staff Sergeant Brian Bradley is stationed at Keesler Air Force Base, but has spent the last eight months on deployment in Iraq.

Sergeant Bradley's wife, Sergeant Erin Bradley, remembers well when Brian left for his deployment.

"Saying goodbye was really hard."

One of the reasons it was so difficult for the young couple is that just two months before he left, Erin found out she was pregnant. She said they felt incredibly blessed, because they had already been through two failed pregnancies. But it also meant that Erin would have their son while her husband was thousands of miles away.

Erin said her most difficult moment was the morning they had to part.

"Saying goodbye was really hard, I remember him rubbing my tummy and saying that he loved both of us," she said.

Then in late June, Brian's son came into the world, five weeks early. Although he was thousands of miles away, Brian was able to watch the birth on the internet.

Erin said she is certain Brian shed some tears just after the birth, but her husband denies it.

"Yes, he cried. But he claims he had something in both of his eyes. As soon as he saw the baby on the internet, he instantly fell in love."

Ironically, the baby was born on the birthday of Brian's father, who had passed away a year ago. They named the child after Brian's late dad, David.

"This is definitely something of David's doing, so I knew he was looking down upon us," Erin said.

When we interviewed Erin for this story, Brian was just days away from coming home. Erin told us she can hardly wait and knows how excited her husband will be.

"As soon as Brian gets off that plane, and sees his son for the first time, and is able to hold him and hug him, he is going to shed some tears. Or I should say 'have something in his eye,'" Erin said with a chuckle and a smile on her face.

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