Welcome home military retirees

Another welcome sign of recovery from Hurricane Katrina will take place early next month. More than 200 residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home will get to come home and move into their newly built living quarters.

More than five years ago Katrina's winds and waves destroyed the retirement home, that was a landmark and a beehive of activity. Elderly, retired military personnel not only lived in the 11 story building, but also, they were active in events all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Three, eight story buildings make up the new home. The individual living quarters are nearly 400 square feet, four times larger than before.

The retirees return will give a boost to our economy by generating jobs, jobs that are much needed in South Mississippi. In addition supplies for the facility will pump thousands of dollars into our community each year. The coast will also benefit from the seniors who will become active again in our community and volunteer in our schools and other places that need help.

No doubt when they walk around the beautiful grounds , look out at the Gulf and smell the salty air, they will know they are truly home. Join us as we welcome back these military retirees who have served our country and return with so much to offer our community. Welcome Home!

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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