Accident Kills Gulfport Seabee In Iraq

Tragic news from Iraq proving the danger there is far from over. One navy Seabee stationed in Gulfport was killed in an explosion, and three others were injured. Petty Officer 3rd class Doyle W. Bollinger died when some ammunition exploded at a Seabee construction site in Iraq.  Bollinger was 21 years old.

Reports from various media indicate the explosion happened near al-Kut in Iraq.  Bollinger was part of the Seabee unit 133, which has been serving in Iraq since January.  The Seabees were working to repair bridges in the area when the accident occured.  Apparently, a piece of ordance that was near the site detonated accidentally, killing Bollinger, and wounding three others.  The conditions of the wounded Seabees has not been released, and we don't know their names either.  The Dpeartment of Defense is investigating how the accident happened.

WLOX News crews are working on the story today, and we'll have more tonight at 5:30 and 10:00 pm