Delisle Residents Hear Contamination Results

About 15 concerned citizens gathered in the Council Room in Pass Christian City Hall.

Representatives of ATSDR went through an outline of their findings concerning the contamination of ground water around the Dupont Delisle facility.

ATSDR claims it has found contamination in the ground water directly under Dupont - perhaps from one of the four injection wells of the facility in which the plant disposes of toxic waste.

These wells are located about 10 to 20 feet under the plant.

However, the agency says residential and public wells are deeper - varying in depth from 450 feet to 1200 feet.

It says from its study, the contamination is not moving outside of the plant - it is merely spreading out and diluting.

As expected, residents continue to have many questions and concerns.

Although the meeting was mainly focused on ground water results, ATSDR will continue to investigate air pathways and dioxin.

The plaintiffs' attorney, Kathleen Smiley, says she has no confidence in any of the reports ATSDR has to offer.