Action Report: Water shut off to St. Andrews condo residents

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - By A.J. Giardina – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Two weeks ago, the St. Andrews Golf Course in Ocean Springs was shut down. On Monday, residents living in 61 of the condos surrounding the golf course had their water turned off.

Looking for help, the residents contacted WLOX Action Reporter A.J. Giardina.

"I pay my rent. I do everything that I need to do. I have done nothing wrong. I have never been late and I come home to this," explained Annette Kortman.

She said trying to get answers as to why the water was turned off has been difficult.

"I made a lot of phone calls, nobody knows anything," Kortman said. "I had spent almost two hours on the phone yesterday trying to get some kind of answer where what right I have. I have children that I need to keep. This is a health hazard."

"The police came by and they said there was not much they could do," resident Larry Hupe said. "So we're been kind of limbo all this week and we just want to know where we're at here."

Greg Williams, owner of the St. Andrews Water and Sewer Department met with WLOX. He said he was forced to turn off the water because the condo association owes him $30,000 for the water bill. However, he arrived with good news.

"It's just a great day that we've got the water back on," Williams said.

Within 10 minutes, the water was in the process of being turned back on. Williams said the Florida bank which holds the lien on 61 units at St. Andrews, instructed him to turn the water back on.

Williams said the bank also sent a letter promising a representative of the bank will come to the coast next week.

"They're giving consideration into giving additional funding to both fixing it up and to pay the monies that are owed by the borrower, the Homeowners Association, that will enable the Homeowners Association to pay the water bill. Pending that meeting, the water has been turned back on."

That's just what Larry Hupe wanted to hear, along with the sound of running water.

"Exactly right. And that's what we wanted. Let's get some time to figure this out and give people time to do what they need to do. There's kids involved and it's the right thing to do. So we appreciate the fact that he's going to do that then," he said with a smile.

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