Brad's Blog: East Coast trip could collide with Earl

SOMEWHERE ALONG THE EAST COAST (WLOX) – Welcome to Stamford, CT, or whatever town the Amtrak conductor said we just passed.

Last night, I was at a tennis grand slam. I went to the US Open. I saw Oudin lose. Then I went to the side courts and had 5th row "seats" for a doubles match involving Wosniacki, the number one seeded woman in the draw. I was basically on the court.

When that became a route, I walked over to the John Isner match. He dusted off his opponent in straight sets. And I was just eight rows off the court. Amazing.

I ended my night at the Andy Roddick match. That was on center court. My seats were a long way from the action. That's what made the rest of the night so special. At midnight, Roddick dumped a shot in the net. He lost the fourth set tiebreak, and the match.

Now I'm off to Boston to walk the freedom trail, visit the JFK Library, tour Harvard, catch a BoSox game at Fenway Park, and play with Earl. I just can't get away from hurricanes!

Editor's Note: Brad only thinks he's on vacation this week. He's already monitoring Hurricane Earl as it tracks up the east coast. If the storm slams into Boston while he's there, he'll send reports back exclusively for

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